£3.16m grant to allow Welsh councils to make money from recycling

A Welsh Assembly Government grant will allow councils to make money from recycling and avoid a landfill tax bill.

£3.16m funding will give them the chance to invest in the infrastructure they need to be able to deal with difficult to deal with items such as carpets and electrical equipment as well as mattresses and will give them a greater chance of meeting future statutory recycling targets and reducing their landfill costs.

£1m has also been committed to a project to develop a plastics recycling facility which will be able to process a wide range of plastic products such as margarine tubs and food containers. Keeping this plastic from landfill will save councils up to £3.8m a year in landfill taxes.

The average householder will also be able to dispose of more items in their recycling bin.

In order to achieve high recycling, local authorities will have to focus on all their waste streams, including items not previously considered recyclable.

Environment Minister Jane Davidson said: "This funding is a real boost for local authorities. It also demonstrates our commitment to reaching the ambitious targets we have set ourselves, and to delivering economic and environmental benefits to the whole of Wales."

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