Daniel Coulon, director of the National Association of Wheeled Bin washers explains whose responsibility bin cleaning is and what we can all do to keep them clean.

Gary Moffatt, director at Chubb Fire & Security explores the benefits of and best practices for security cameras in a changing world, on behalf of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

Road sweepers play a vital role in keep roads and streets clean and safe. The specialised vehicles can clean and remove debris, dirt, and litter from streets and roadways, with many benefits

Peter Stacey, honorary life president of the National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) gives some top tips for keeping the drainage system working.

In creating our Manifesto for Stronger Places, ADEPT has stepped into new territory, because we all know our local places deserve better, but we need policy as well as investment to make a difference, explains Hannah Bartram, chief executive officer, ADEPT.

In July, it was announced that digital gurus from the public sector will be working with government departments as part of plans to turbocharge the technological skills of civil servants.

Michael Kolatchev, principal consultant/Rossnova Solutions (Belgium) and Lina Kolesnikova, consultant/Rossnova Solutions (Belgium) discuss the security threats facing the growing number of “smart cities”

Cardiff has recently installed 47 air-quality monitoring stations across the city to measure pollution in the air

A project from Nottingham City Council and its partners demonstrates how bi-directional EV charging, solar and battery energy storage can intelligently manage the energy demands caused by vehicle electrification. Angie Lillistone, head of carbon reduction projects and policy at Nottingham City Council explains

When it comes to waste management, many local authorities are looking for cleaner and more efficient ways to collect waste. Efficiency covers many aspects, including fuel consumption and emissions as well as how many bins can be emptied on one route. When it comes to fuel and emissions efficiency many local authorities have now made the switch to electric vehicles (EVs)

Jay Saggar, London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) programme manager: data, smart cities & cyber security and Eddie Copeland, LOTI director explain some of the smart city innovation going on in London

The Managed Staff Banks framework from Crown Commercial Service provides managed outsourced staff bank services. While services are aimed at the NHS, they are open to all public sector bodies including central government

The eDisclosure and Review Services (RM6336) Framework from Crown Commercial Service (CCS) allows central government and the wider public sector to access disclosure services for a complete service following the Electronic Discovery Reference Model or by using select elements of this

Crown Commercial Services RM6116 framework provides access to network services for public sector organisations

Cloud services offer a multitude of benefits for local governments, and can revolutionise the way they operate and deliver services to their communities. Cloud services streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and promote better resource allocation. Here are some key advantages of cloud services for local governments

Jane Frost CBE, chief executive of MRS explains how AI can be used appropriately in research

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