Wrekin Products

At Wrekin, we’re not just in the business of creating road ironwork, access covers, custom steel solutions, and cutting-edge geosynthetic products – we’re in the business of making every day better. Our journey is marked by innovation and a commitment to putting customer relationships at the heart of our business.

It’s what has propelled us to the forefront of the civil engineering landscape, especially when it comes to critical safety solutions. With over four decades of experience, our technical expertise and leadership have allowed us to develop market leading innovations that set us apart. We give the specifier, engineer, contractor and merchant solutions to long standing issues with reduced environmental impacts. 

Our roots run deep in the world of highway ironwork. We are dedicated to crafting, manufacturing, and supplying the
finest gully grates and manhole covers on the market. They’re rugged and built to withstand the ever-growing demands placed on our roads and infrastructure. We take great pride in our partnerships with prominent water and telecommunication utilities across the UK, ensuring that motorists, pedestrians, and travellers can embark on safe and smooth journeys. 

We’re here to make the world beneath our feet a safer, more efficient, and sustainable place.

Our Values
Responsive: We see the opportunities before others do and take the initiative.
Curious: We are always looking for new ways of thinking and exploring new ideas.
Collaborators: We connect and create with others, treating them fairly and respectfully.
Accountable: We learn and improve upon our processes to deliver results and value.
Straightforward: We ensure we are uncomplicated, easy to deal with and understand.
Experts: We figure out the best way to deliver the most productive solutions.
Trusted: We ensure reliability, take responsibility, and strive to do the right thing.

Key Products
Manhole covers: Over 40 years we have developed a range of manhole covers with innovations and safety benefits built in. Our full range covers load classes from A15 to E600, in a huge variety of sizes.

Gully grates: We have a gully grating for every scenario including straight bar, hinged, v-grating and more. Our gratings are available across all our key ranges, with safety and installer benefits built in.

Steel access covers: We offer a comprehensive range of steel access covers, all designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Our standard range includes pressed and fabricated steel and recessed covers.

Tailored solutions: We offer a comprehensive range of bespoke steel products including installation services. We work with you to understand your project requirements and can provide free site surveys along with CAD design services.

Geosynthetics: We offer geosynthetic solutions for an array of functions including - reinforcement, drainage, separation, filtration, protection and barrier / containment.

Event Diary


UKREiiF has quickly become a must-attend in the industry calendar for Government departments and local authorities.

The multi-award-winning UK Construction Week (UKCW), is the UK’s biggest trade event for the built environment that connects the whole supply chain to be the catalyst for growth and positive change in the industry.