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Fireco is a one-stop shop for trusted and compliant fire safety solutions! Our comprehensive product range includes smart fire door closers and retainers, notification systems, as well as fire door installation and inspection services. With our cloud-based technology, we offer the convenience of remote monitoring and management of connected devices, ensuring efficient and effective fire safety measures. By choosing Fireco, you can trust that our solutions are tailored to meet complex compliance requirements and provide you with peace of mind. 

30 years of fire safety excellence

Fireco has been manufacturing fire safety products for 30 years. We use our extensive knowledge to bring to market a range of products that help make compliance easy for our customers. 

Our latest addition is our first wireless fire door magnet, DorMag Pro. Like all our devices in the Pro range, DorMag is controlled by our Pro transmitter, which is hard-wired directly into the fire alarm system, allowing you to monitor all door units from a central hub. 
When your fire alarm is triggered, DorMag Pro will release your fire doors to close.
ProHub is connected to our Site Manager software, which provides real-time information about your Pro installation at different sites, accessible on any internet device. It allows the customer to view the status of all devices over different sites, from battery health to inspection date, contributing to your Golden Thread of information.  

What makes DorMag different? 

Currently, most magnetic retainers on the market are wired-in solutions. The thinking behind our DorMag magnetic door retainer is that it would be wire-free. It’s operated by battery packs: three lithium iron disulfide cells. This presents a nice, easy installation with a wire-free solution.

What’s special about the magnet? 

The Pro unit is fixed to the wall, and the Door Keeper is fitted to the door. Magnetised together, they form a simple solution to hold open the door. When the unit receives a signal from the ProHub, the unit is automatically released. This sends a pulse to the electromagnet, briefly demagnetising it, causing the keeper and the door to release. The magnet also retracts inwards, which is a key feature of the product. Once the magnet has retracted, you won’t be able to hold the keeper onto it - it is now in a fail-safe state. 

You might ask, “Why can’t you just have the current switched off to the magnet or the magnetism taken away from the magnet during an alarm?” The problem is that this works by having a permanent electromagnet that delivers a current to that magnet to demagnetise it. Because it’s a battery-operated device, if you continuously fire a pulse through that magnet with a current flowing through it, you’re going to drain your batteries really quickly. We wanted to create a product that overcame that, which is why you also retract the magnet at the same time. Importantly, once in that state, it’s now not using any excess power. It’s only using its quiescent (sleep) current to detect its transmitter (ProHub or ProExtender), to tell it when to come out of the alarm active state.

What’s the Pro in DorMag Pro?

Our ProHub is essentially a transmitter connected to your fire alarm panel. If the alarm is triggered or the alert is triggered too, it basically transmits a signal that’s between 433-434 MHz, which is a regulated frequency within the UK. It will trigger the unit to essentially pulse its magnet, unlatch the door, and also cause the magnet to retract. So it’s now no longer in a latchable state. The good thing about the radio-activated device is that it’s not impacted by any noise, which a lot of other products on the market are. For certain premises, that is more useful. But if you’re looking for a solution that’s independent of audio around the building, then the radio option is probably the way to go.

Suitable for noisy environments 
In busy and noisy environments like schools, DorMag Pro is the ideal solution. In areas of high footfall with doors constantly opening and shutting, children can find fire doors hard to use because of their weight. Just getting through the building for class changes could be an issue. This was the problem that students at Eastbrook School were experiencing. 

The Premises Manager Sharon contacted Fireco and decided to install our DorMag Pro devices. DorMag Pro offers the highest level of compliance, and they can also be fitted away from floor level, reducing the likelihood of impact. The school has been very pleased with the results. Sharon says, “After having the DorMags fitted, it became much easier for the children to enter and exit the classrooms. They’re easily the best additions we’ve ever put in.”

If you’d like advice on how DorMag Pro can keep your doors open compliantly, speak with one of our experts today: 01273 320650

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