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As Diesel Makes a Comeback, Investment in Low Carbon Ad Blue Solutions Makes Economic and Environmental Sense

With the transition to EV having slowed down, particularly in the heavy transport, commercial and public service vehicle sectors, at Commercial Fuel Solutions we have seen a renewed focus on diesel and handling AdBlue efficiently, cost effectively and with the lowest environmental impact.

AdBlue has been instrumental in massively reducing the NOx from diesel vehicles, but the overall environmental impact can be reduced further with the right manufacturing, transport and delivery systems to eliminate unnecessary waste, reduce CO2 emissions and improve operational efficiency.

Carbon footprint is a much-used term in many contexts, but in the transport industry it is only going to become more important as companies are obliged to or choose to look at their CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain. In the context of AdBlue the carbon emissions come from the manufacturing process, the transport and the delivery method and over the last 15 years, here at Commercial Fuel Solutions, we have acquired the knowledge to minimise impact at every step.

Renowned for our technical expertise and reliable nationwide supply, we have taken significant strides in reducing AdBlue carbon footprint through pioneering packaging solutions and bulk delivery options. In 2023, we introduced an array of new packaging options designed to significantly cut down on the use of virgin plastics and the footprint associated with their AdBlue products.

Commercial Fuel Solutions also excels in the supply of AdBlue through bulk consignments. Our partnership with Yara, the world’s leading AdBlue manufacturer, ensures product quality that meets ISO 22241 standards, with rigorous testing and full traceability throughout the supply chain. We have an extensive delivery network across the UK and Ireland, with 24 dedicated tankers operating out of 9 distribution centres.

Our supplier Yara manufactures liquid AdBlue in the Netherlands, and we deliver it as it was manufactured, with no blending, mixing or diluting to eliminate the possibility of contamination or inconsistent quality. This improves operational efficiency by avoiding AdBlue quality issues or system blockages which can be experienced with blended products.

The combination of bulk delivery options and sustainable packaging innovations not only underscores Commercial Fuel Solutions’ commitment to environmental sustainability but also offers significant cost and time savings for customers. By investing in bulk storage tanks or embracing the new low-carbon packaging solutions, businesses can not only reduce their environmental impact but also enhance their operational efficiencies.

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