Government Business 31.03

The recent local council and mayoral elections saw widespread losses for the Conservatives across the country. With Sadiq Khan winning an historic third term as London Mayor, Labour, The Lib Dems, Greens and independents made gains across the country.

With the government recently announcing new recycling plans, we’ve got a case study on Sherbourne Recycling and the National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers explains commercial bin cleaning for local authorities.

The British Pyrotechnic Association sets out how local authorities can organise firework displays and the Met Office talks about how they work with organisations to make long-term decisions when it comes to the weather.

In our social housing special, the Property Care Association discusses property flood resilience; the FPA looks at external cladding systems; and the Glass and Glazing Federation gives some top tips on looking after windows.

Polly Jones, editor

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