Eco Energy Install

About Us:
EcoEnergy Install is an innovative provider of sustainable energy solutions, committed to supporting individuals and organisations to access renewable power. With a focus on innovation and environmental responsibility, we specialise in designing and installing renewable energy systems tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Supporting Decarbonisation:
At EcoEnergy Install, we understand the importance of integrating renewable energy solutions to accelerate the decarbonisation of social housing while reducing fuel poverty. With significant strides already made towards this goal, the release of an additional £1.25 billion for the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund presents new opportunities for housing associations and local authorities.

Solar PV and Heat Pumps Integration:
Eco Energy Install can support clients to integrate Solar PV installations with heat pumps into both new and existing housing stock. By combining Solar PV when installing heat pumps, you not only reduce your carbon footprint and grid dependence but also lowers utility bills.
Solar PV Installations on Flats:
Installing Solar on flats has historically been challenging. SolShare, the world’s only technology for connecting multiple flats to a single rooftop solar system, offers an affordable method to improve EPC ratings and reduce electricity bills. Eligible for government funding, including SHDF, SolShare has been recognized as an 'Innovation measure of substantial uplift' by Ofgem for ECO4.
Why Solar PV when installing Heat Pumps?
Integrating Solar PV with heat pumps aligns with the Government's 2021 Heat and Buildings Strategy, enabling housing associations and local authorities to plan for efficiently heating homes and also addresses fuel poverty, ensuring environmental targets are met while implementing socially responsible projects.

Decarbonising your property portfolio including offices:
By switching to renewable technologies for offices and other property in your estate, you can gain significant savings while aligning with sustainability and social responsibility goals. We handle everything from design to installation to achieve maximum benefits for your property portfolio. As well as savings, installing Solar can help reduce dependence on grid electricity and protect against volatility in wholesale electricity prices.
Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future:
EcoEnergy Install Limited can support you to design the integration of solar PV into your housing stock and commercial estate, including using innovative solutions like SolShare, to offer a strategic roadmap towards Net Zero 2050.

For more information on how EcoEnergy Install Limited can assist, visit our website at or call us on 0300 3730970

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