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Welcome to PERSES Academy: Revolutionising Demolition Education

In today's rapidly evolving demolition industry, the demand for credible and comprehensive information has never been more pressing. The need for expert perspectives on crucial subjects such as demolition project management, the circular economy and the environment, health and safety, handling hazardous materials and waste management remains unmet, leaving professionals and students struggling to access up-to-date and in-depth educational resources. The scarcity of specialised online demolition-related courses further compounds this challenge, with available options often proving superficial, outdated, or incomplete.

Leading the Way with PERSES Academy
Understanding these gaps, PERSES Group, a leading health, safety, and environmental consultancy in Edinburgh, UK, has launched PERSES Academy. Dedicated to the mission of imparting cutting-edge knowledge and fostering innovation within the demolition sector, PERSES Academy stands as a centre of comprehensive, interactive, and industry-relevant education for the demolition world.

Empowering Through Interactive Learning
We believe in the power of interactive learning. Our courses are carefully designed to be engaging and enjoyable, directly involving learners in an interactive and immersive educational experience. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts, participate in lively group discussions, and access a diverse range of multimedia resources that enhance your understanding of the demolition landscape. Through this approach, we aim to foster a dynamic community of forward-thinking professionals dedicated to driving safe, sustainable, and innovative change within the industry.

Targeted Audience
Our courses at PERSES Academy cater not only to demolition practitioners but also to individuals involved in various stages of the construction cycle, including clients, policymakers, civil engineers, designers, environmental experts, and academic researchers. Recognising the important role that each of these stakeholders plays in the construction industry, our courses are designed to impart thorough understanding of the challenges of managing waste, provide insights into the dynamics of the demolition process, and underline the indispensable, yet unobserved, perspective that demolition contributes to the broader context of the built environment. By welcoming a diverse audience, we aim to foster a collaborative learning environment that benefits from the wealth of expertise and practical experiences brought forth by professionals across diverse sectors.

Introducing Our Milestone: The World's First Online Demolition Management Course
A significant achievement for PERSES Academy is the recent launch of the world's first online demolition management course. Named "Transforming Demolition: Rethinking Demolition Management Through Circular Economy Principles," this innovative course is a game-changer in the field that is here to equip you with cutting-edge skills and strategies.

Highlights of the Course:

  • Thoroughly understand and challenge traditional demolition methods
  • Explore circular economy practices.
  • Master risk management.
  • Develop effective method statements.
  • Understand your role during crisis.
  • Become an effective project manager.
  • Enjoy guidelines from industry leaders.
  • Accredited by the Middle East University.

Accreditation and Certification
Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the accreditation of all our courses by reputable and credible institutes. Further, each course is CPD certified, underlining the exceptional quality of our programs, and ensuring that your accomplishments hold global recognition within the industry.

Tailored Training Solutions for Companies
In addition to our standard course offerings, PERSES Academy provides specialised training solutions for companies. We design custom programs that include specialized document writing, such as method statements and risk assessments, and internal process training, covering essential skills like formatting, drafting emails, and more. These exclusive programs are tailored to address the specific needs and challenges of each organization, enhancing employees' performance and productivity within the company.

Join us today and become part of this family that aims to shape a better future for the industry. If you have any questions, any specific requirements, or looking for a chat, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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