Blé connect revolutionises emergency lighting maintenance for multiple facilities

BLE Lighting & Power Ltd, a leader in cutting-edge lighting and power solutions, is proud to introduce BLE Connect, a groundbreaking Fully Automated Emergency Lighting System designed to simplify the labour intensive maintenance of emergency lighting across multiple facilities.

Key Features of BLE Connect:

  • Decentralised Operation: BLE Connect utilises decentralised operation, distributing network management tasks to each device in the network. This ensures local decision-making, optimal network efficiency, and automatic reorganisation in case of device changes or failures.
  • Wirepas Self-Healing Network: Operating on a secure Wirepas self-healing network, BLE Connect ensures independence from internal networks. This wireless mesh technology allows luminaires to connect without additional wiring, making it ideal for applications with restrictions on adding wiring such as listed buildings.
  • Versatility and Flexibility: BLE Connect is a versatile and flexible system suitable for various applications, from small office buildings to large airports or multi-building complexes. It caters to Councils and Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Airports, Care Homes, Commercial and Offices, Industrial and Factories, Retail and Hospitality, Sport and Leisure, and Educational Facilities.


No Wires. No Restrictions. No Limits. Each luminaire automatically detects its neighbour to build the network. If a device is added, removed, or fails, the network will automatically re-organise to find the most efficient route. 

There are numerous connection possibilities across the network, meaning no single device is relied upon. If one fails, another device will maintain the connection. Luminaires in separate buildings form part of the same network, providing whole-site visibility.

Advantages of BLE Connect:
BLE Connect presents numerous benefits, spanning from streamlined maintenance processes to seamless compliance with the latest legislation. Notably, it offers an impressive Return on Investment (ROI) with a payback period within the initial two years. Here, we take a look at some of the system's key advantages.

  • Meeting Legislative Requirements: BLE Connect ensures compliance with legislative requirements for emergency lighting maintenance.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Provides full reporting in real time, allowing quick response to any issues.
  • Independent Wirepas Network: Operates independently on a secure and reliable Wirepas self-healing network.
  • No Monthly Fees: BLE Connect comes with no monthly subscription fees, providing a cost-effective solution.

Monitoring Capabilities of BLE Connect:
BLE Connect users gain entry to an online portal that furnishes comprehensive insights into the status of their emergency lighting. This real-time information empowers efficient maintenance planning.

  • Luminaire Status: Indicates if each luminaire is operational and has passed the latest functional test.
  • Light Sensor: Detects the presence of light from LEDs and checks the mains supply's presence.
  • Battery Health: Uniquely reports on battery health, providing advanced warning when battery health is low.
  • Luminaire Location: Portal provides visibility into the location of each luminaire across all sites.
  • Testing Schedule: Allows quick viewing of the testing schedule, showing the last performed test for each luminaire and when the next is due.

BLE Connect is poised to transform emergency lighting maintenance, offering a streamlined and efficient solution for organisations with multiple facilities.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us.

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