In a bid to support local economic growth, Surrey Heath Borough Council has purchased an industrial estate for £8 million.

Oxfordshire County Council is investing £1.1 million to improve facilities and promote free school meals.

Edinburgh has signed at £186 million contract to outsource it’s ICT services, which is expected to create more than 200 jobs and 60 apprenticeships.

The government has said full powers will not be returned to Rotherham Council until 2019, following a sexual abuse scandal in 2014.

Argyll and Bute Council will invite all staff members to consider voluntary redundancy in an attempt to cut costs.

London boroughs are to be granted more control over the placement of signs and street lights under new legislation.

Statistics for last year have shown that Welsh councils recycled 56 per cent of household waste in 2014/15, the highest average rating in the UK.

The number of Blue Badges being stolen in the last 12 months has increased by 167 per cent, council town chiefs have warned.

The government has announced plans to relax planning rules in rural areas to build more homes for first time buyers and boost the rural economy.

Think tank IPPR has released a new report outlining that local authorities should be granted more devolved powers to tackle failing bus services.

New government plans aim to enrol every eight year old in England at their local library, in a bid to improve literacy.

Transport campaigners have joined forces to warn that everyday transport is under threat due to large budget cuts expected in the upcoming Spending Review.


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