Regeneration project to include new office spaces, parking access and high quality retail units.

Money will go towards a feasibility study to develop DeltaStream technology.

24/7 initiative allows bicycles to be hired for short trips around the capital.

New power to replace top-down council tax capping by Whitehall.

Drive to get more people and public services online.

Grant would develop a 500kW Powerbouy wave energy device, which converts wave power to electricity.

Funding boost will help local authorities identify areas where there is a significantly high risk of flooding.

Businesses, households, communities and local authorities in England asked to contribute their views.

Technical Advice Note 6 – Planning for Sustainable Rural Communities to also increase affordable housing.

Largest contribution to the growth was business services and finance.

Energy Efficiency Code outlines ideas of working together to cut carbon by ten per cent by May 2011.

Combination of green technologies to lower lighting, heating and water bills.


Event Diary

It is no mystery that there is a huge task at hand to solve the growing problems of waste, inefficient resources, and the disposal of hazardous materials as our communities develop.

You are invited to this unique annual exhibition that brings together all the disciplines from the emergency services sector who are involved in prevention, response and recovery. 

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