Highland Council funding cuts to voluntary services blocked

Funding cuts to voluntary groups initially agreed by Highland Council have been blocked after SNP, Lib Dem and other councillors used procedures to recall the issue and halt the implementation of cuts.

The cuts would impact groups such as The Boys' Brigade, Scouts, Guides and village hall committees and was originally agreed to help save the council hundreds of thousands of pounds over the next three years.

In an interview with the BBC, the leader of the local authority's Independent-controlled administration, said: "They were set as part of the budget process back in 2014 when we were not running the administration of Highland Council and we did oppose them at the time.

"But they are just working there way through, so we have had to work out what the impact is going to be and we what we can do to save the destruction of many of these organisations.

"It is still a severe cut and we understand that, but we are in a really, really difficult situation as all local government is."