New digital framework attracts 2,000 SMEs

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and Government Digital Service (GDS) have launched the new Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 framework to supply technical expertise to the public sector.

Almost 2,000 small and medium sized businesses have signed up to the framework.
This government has committed to spend £1 in every £3 with small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) by 2020.
Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 helps the public sector to find suppliers that can provide teams or specialists to help deliver digital projects.
Niall Quinn, Strategic Category Director for Digital at Crown Commercial Service said: “Crown Commercial Service frameworks are designed to make it easier than ever for SMEs to do business with the public sector. Customers can access digital expertise from suppliers located across the country and with an excellent mix of skills and tailored solutions.”
Geoff Wells, COO of Aerian Studios added: “The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework provides an easy way for SME suppliers and government buyers to work together, particularly where buyers are looking for digital expertise in delivering agile projects.
“It’s a very effective way of enabling SME suppliers to engage with government projects - which is great for our national SME economy. We're delighted to have won the very first contract to have gone through the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework with Innovate UK, and look forward to further opportunities through Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2.”
The new framework goes live today for 12 months, with a 12 month extension option.
For more information about Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2, visit the Digital Marketplace at

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