Cumbria Council launches adult carers scheme

Cumbria County Council has launched Shared Lives Cumbria, a scheme which encourages host carers to provide care to adults in need of support.

The Council is recruiting new carers for the scheme to provide much-needed service in the region, and is encouraging potential carers to get in touch.

Councillor Beth Furneux, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, said: “Shared Lives is well established in other parts of the country and provides a fantastic opportunity for adults who need some support to live happy and healthy lives as part of their local community.

“We’re looking for new carers to come forward who are patient, understanding and compassionate – that’s all you need to make a difference to people’s lives.  All Shared Lives carers receive a generous allowance from the council as well as full support, training and guidance from the council team.

“We need more people to provide this valuable service in Cumbria, and really hope this recruitment campaign will encourage more potential carers to come forward.”

Carers involved in the Shared Lives scheme receive an allowance from the council as well as a contribution to their living expenses from the Shared Lives service user. They will also be supported by a key support worker and receive full training and guidance throughout their experience.

Shared Lives service users include adults with learning disabilities; mental health problems; elderly people; disabled children becoming young adults; parents with learning disabilities and their children; recovering substance addicts; or ex-offenders.

There are already 12,000 Shared Lives carers in the UK, recruited, trained and approved by 150 local schemes, which are regulated by the government’s social care inspectors.