LGA to investigate councils relocating homeless families

The Local Government Association (LGA) has announced it will investigate how to tackle the issue of councils relocating homeless families to other areas.

The news comes after Colin Carmichael, Canterbury City Council chief executive, and Councillor Simon Cook lobbied for the case, after the council lost out on the opportunity to lease 147 homes in the city.

Canterbury Council has called on the government to introduce a law to stop local authorities buying or leasing homes in other areas to use as temporary accommodation ‘without prior consent and agreement’.

The council argued that local authorities looking to lease accommodation in other areas to relocate homeless families should be refused if there is already property available in their own area.

Cook explained: “Local residents do not understand why such a large amount of housing is not available for our own people to live in and we share their concern.

“A law change could address this and we’ll continue to push for this through the LGA.”

Responding to the comment, Lord Porter, LGA chairman said: “The LGA will seek to lead this as part of our work on the future services for preventing homelessness and adapting to welfare reform, and will investigate how legislative change may help enable this.”