Council transport cuts cause extra journeys

The Campaign for Better Transport has claimed that nearly 80 per cent of local authorities have cut funding for school and college transport programmes since 2010.

In their report, the group has claimed that such cuts have created 100 million more ‘school run’ journeys each year. Outside of London, it is believed that nearly 300,000 children and 50,000 young people have lost their transport to school or college since 2008.

Lianna Etkind, public transport campaigner, said: “School buses are essential to reducing congestion and improving air quality, as well as ensuring young people are able to access their choice of school or college.

“What these figures reveal is a real divide opening up between urban and more rural areas, with children in rural areas having fewer and fewer public transport options.

“For many parents the choice between working and taking their children to school is becoming a real issue. If the Government is serious about reducing traffic jams and air pollution, it should start with supporting decent school transport.”

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