Half of Scottish councils agree to Recycling Charter

16 of Scotland’s 32 councils have signed up to the Scottish Household Recycling Charter, aiming to create a more consistent approach to recycling across the country.

The Charter includes a common set of basic recycling policies, including putting glass in a separate receptacle and paper and card in another.

The initiative was originally developed by the Zero Waste Taskforce, a partnership between the Scottish Government, the Confederation of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) and Zero Waste Scotland.

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said: “The consistent approach to recycling can deliver genuine efficiencies and cost savings to both individual councils and to local government as a whole. I’m hugely encouraged by the progress that’s been made since Falkirk Council became the first to sign the Charter in February; now we have 16 local authorities – half of all Scottish councils.”

Cllr Stephen Hagan, COSLA’s spokesman for development, economy and sustainability, added: “Councils are firmly committed to creating opportunities for job creation and economic development across our communities and we see this consistent approach to recycling services as being fundamental to the circular economy approach that can help to unlock the value inherent without our so-called ‘waste’ streams.”