Inquiry launched into Rotherham and Tower Hamlets interventions

An inquiry has been launched into the interventions of both Tower Hamlets and Rotherham councils following the imposition of commissioners.

The interventions followed allegations of corruption in Tower Hamlets and a child sexual exploitation scandal in Rotherham.

Through the inquiry, the Communities and Local Government Committee will examine the effectiveness of the commissioners, as well as the process of returning power to the local authorities, with the hope of learning lessons for possible future interventions.

Clive Betts, chair of the Committee, said: "Seizing control of a local authority's powers is an extremely serious step for any government to take.

“We will look very carefully to see if this has been done effectively in Tower Hamlets and Rotherham and explore the efforts being made to return democratic control to the two communities.

“The Committee is also keen to see if the process can be improved for possible cases in the future."

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