Edinburgh to consider diesel surcharge

Edinburgh's Parking Action Plan will present a new consultation on whether diesel vehicles should incur a parking permit surcharge in Scotland’s capital.

The council is currently reviewing parking permits in Edinburgh in an attempt to improve air quality and enhance quality of life, and will consider the growing evidence that diesel engines contribute to poor air quality and reduce life expectancy.

The three-month consultation, which runs until 28 January 2018, seeks feedback on a proposal to add a surcharge on to residents' parking permits for diesel vehicles, with many believing that diesel vehicles are no longer suitable to city driving.

Paris and Madrid have pledged to ban diesel vehicles entirely by 2025, with at least nine London Boroughs also introducing a diesel surcharge on residents’ parking permits.

Councillor Lesley Macinnes, Transport Convener, said: “Evidence is mounting that diesel emissions are causing serious health problems and worsening air quality in cities across the globe and many cities are already taking steps to combat this. We’re keen to see what people in Edinburgh think of the idea of adding a surcharge to residents’ parking permits for diesel vehicles. I’d urge everyone to take a few minutes to complete the online consultation and to let others know about it as well. After it closes on 28 January, we’ll review the consultation feedback in a report to a future Transport and Environment Committee before deciding next steps.”