Coronavirus: housing for all rough sleepers in Cambridge

Cambridge City Council is working to support rough sleepers who will be unable to self-isolate from coronavirus, to make sure that accommodation and support are available.

Following the pandemic outbreak, the council has identified some of its own properties, and is in discussions with housing associations, hoteliers, bed and breakfast providers and some private landlords to ensure that the council is in a position to respond to demand as it arises.

Services on the streets for rough sleepers are continuing to operate and the council is working closely with these services to ensure rough sleepers are kept safe by offering the routes to housing and support that they need.

Richard Johnson, executive councillor for Housing, said: ”Rough sleepers represent some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Many have underlying health conditions and dependencies which may make them more susceptible to coronavirus. Their situation does also not make self-isolation straightforward. They need the council and its partners more than ever at this time. We need to be on the front foot in this vital effort to save lives, and to that end the council is working closely with local organisations to ensure that not only properties, but follow-up support services to these groups, are available.”