Establish ‘pink zones’ to boost new housing, report argues

A report published by Centre for Policy Studies has advised that ‘pink zones’, a less regulated system, should be used instead of the current planning system, in order to successfully boost new housing.

The report, entitled A Convergence of Interests, claimed the current housing planning system was ‘paralysed’. It added that nimbyism views were declining as people understand the necessity for more housing, institutional capital is investing more and more councils are considering ambitious new developments.

The Centre for Policy Studies claimed that at least 130,000 new properties could be built on surplus public sector land, in London alone. It suggested that ‘pink zones’ would provide a diluted regulatory regime compared with the red tape that characterises the current paralysed planning system'.

The zones are currently already in practice in the US. The study suggested the use would provide ‘a streamlined planning system for the construction of vibrant, attractive and prosperous new residential developments underpinned by social and physical infrastructure'.

Keith Boyfield, one of the report's authors, said: “Pink zones could trigger institutional funding for investment in new housing - institutions such as life insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and charitable foundations.

“Ultimately pink zones would create more and better homes for people throughout the country and tackle the poverty of aspiration which typifies much residential construction in this country.”

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