Leaders from North West seek net zero by 2040

Leaders across the North West have launched an ambitious vision to become a UK leader in tackling the climate emergency and boosting a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

As the UK prepares to host the COP26 conference later this year, ‘North West Net Zero: The Road to COP26’ outlines the wide-ranging measures already being taken to accelerate progress to net zero in the North West by at least 2040 – at least 10 years ahead of the national target.

Showcasing a unique partnership of political leaders, local enterprise partnerships, energy infrastructure providers and business leaders, the North West has become the first UK region to have a cohesive vision to reach net zero by at least 2040, including the development of an energy masterplan.

The 'North West Net Zero: The Road to COP26' plan aims to provide a roadmap to decarbonise industry, accelerate low carbon energy solutions, and to promote green innovation to benefit communities and the economy. Specific projects in the region include the North West Energy and Hydrogen Cluster and the Mersey Tidal Power project.

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said: “Today is about showing the power and potential of a whole region pulling in the same direction to tackle the climate emergency. Together, we hope to build a movement to make the North West the country’s leading force in the zero-carbon economy. If we get serious now about the climate crisis, it will also help us tackle the post-pandemic jobs crisis. There are tens of thousands of good green jobs just waiting to be created across the North West – in retrofitting our buildings, modernising our energy systems, and decarbonising our transport. Now is absolutely the time to make that happen.

“We are outlining our vision to achieve a net zero North West by at least 2040 - 10 years ahead of the national target. Benchmarks like these not only give us something to aim at – they also demand meaningful commitments and urgent action. All of us gathered today are already taking that action, working together and developing detailed energy and environment plans for our places which can meet our collective ambitions. Come November, when all eyes are on the COP26 in Glasgow, we want to show the world that the North West of England is ready once again to lead an industrial revolution - this time a green one.”