Three London councils launch shared service plan

A joint statement has been released by Councillor Colin Barrow, Leader, Westminster City Council, Councillor Stephen Greenhalgh, Leader, Hammersmith and Fulham Council and Councillor Sir Merrick Cockell, Leader, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea regarding merging services.

The plans are to be agreed by February 2011 and the merger is subject to the formal agreement of each individual authority.

The statement said: "We have met and agreed to progress to plans to share every council service between our three councils. This may include merging services to reduce duplication and drive out needless cost. While we won’t rule anything out at this stage, we expect to focus quite quickly on a few major areas where sharing and merging services is viable and good for the public. There are a number of areas, such as core democratic services where we are unlikely to merge provision."

"The early focus will be building on the initial work to merge our children’s services departments which is already making solid progress, while also building the business case to share our adults’ services departments. We will only go forward where there is a clear democratic, social and economic case to do so."

Further information:
Westminster City Council
Hammersmith and Fulham Council
Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea