Docked bike hire scheme for Cardiff

From May 2018, Cardiff will see the introduction of 250 bikes across 25 docking stations in the city.

The scheme, to be run by nextbike, will then double in 2019 where 500 bikes will be available across 50 stations in the city.

The company provides over 120 international schemes, including in Bath, where the scheme was launched in 2014. The bikes are also operated in Milton Keynes, Exeter, Belfast, Edinburgh and the University of Warwick.

Caro Wild, cabinet member for Sustainable Planning and Transport, said: "We are delighted to welcome nextbike into Cardiff. A bike hire scheme is a vital part of a true cycling city and I am delighted nextbike have recognised the great potential for cycling in Cardiff. We've seen in London how their bike scheme really increased the accessibility and visibility of bikes and we think nextbike will do the same for Cardiff. Cardiff is a compact and relatively flat city so cycling is a good option for shorter journeys. This scheme is only part of the Cabinet's plans to improve the cycling infrastructure to encourage people that live in or close to the city to leave their cars at home and consider alternative options.”

Recently, Swansea Council and Swansea University announced that they would be introducing a bike share scheme after the university beat 22 others to raise £100,000 and win a Santander competition.