Welsh school competition encourages pupils to be 'eco-tastic'

A competition has been launched at Ysgol Eifionydd school in Wales to get pupils thinking about climate change in a fun way.

Eco-tastic pits registration classes against each other to see who can make the biggest difference to their carbon footprint, with carbon-cutting tasks including walk to school days, eco-debates and book swap-shops.

The competition kicked off with a series of fun eco-workshops including Busy Bees, an organic food and planting workshops well as an interactive show on climate change which included information on the greenhouse effect, food miles, recycling and what is a carbon footprint.

The Welsh Youth Forum for Sustainable Development showed pupils how they could play their part building a cleaner and more sustainable future with a bicycle powered smoothie maker which demonstrated how much energy is required to make a smoothie.

Environment Minister Jane Davidson said: "Eco-tastic sounds like a fun way of dealing with a serious issue."

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