Drivers urged to help tackle roadside litter

Drivers have been called on to help tackle the problem of roadside litter on motorways and major A roads in England.

The Highways Agency’s ‘Bag It! Bin It!’ message reminds road users about the problems that litter can cause and encourages drivers to keep a bag for rubbish in their vehicles, until it can be disposed of safely in a bin.

The Highways Agency estimates that the equivalent of at least 700,000 sacks of litter is removed from the motorways and other strategic roads it manages in England every year.

For highway authorities, clearing litter diverts much needed resources away from road maintenance and repairs, while items thrown from moving vehicles can be a hazard to other road users.

The Highways Agency’s Road User Satisfaction Surveys asked respondents to rate the importance of keeping motorways free from litter. The most recent survey showed that on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most important, respondents rated it at just below nine.

However, a recent survey revealed that nearly three quarters of road users felt it was not their responsibility to keep roads litter free.

Derek Turner, Highways Agency Network Director, said: "The Highways Agency and local authorities will continue to clear litter from our roads, but we could put our resources to better use if rubbish was not carelessly discarded in the first place."

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