Council tax freeze is costing Scotland £484m, GMB warns

GMB Scotland has demanded that Scottish Parliament end the eight year council tax freeze, which it argues has cost council’s £484 million.

The union argues that ‘wealthy Scottish households pay less council tax in real terms than eight years ago’, warning that the freeze is leading to cuts to jobs and services in Scotland’s least affluent areas.

A new report found that, had council tax kept pace with inflation of 25.61 per cent since 2007, Scotland’s 32 councils would have raised £484 million in additional income for 2016-17.

GMB’s breakdown claims this would have allowed Edinburgh City Council to raise an additional £50 million, Glasgow City Council to raise an additional £45 million, Fife to raise £32 million extra, Aberdeenshire £27 million extra and South Lanarkshire £26.5 million extra.

The union is staging a protest outside Scottish Parliament next week to coincide with the final reading of the Budget, calling on all MSPs to repair the erosion in the tax base by unfreezing council tax.