‘Phased return’ of powers to Tower Hamlets Council

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has confirmed the start of a ‘phased return’ of powers to Tower Hamlets Council.

It is the first time the councillors will be able to make the decision to award grants since December 2014, when government-appointed commissioners took over the day-to-day running of certain aspects of the local authority.

Commenting on the return of powers, Javid welcomed the significant improvements that have been made in the last two years and, following progress reports from the Mayor and commissioners and a public consultation, confirmed he would hand these powers back subject to ongoing commissioner oversight.

Javid said: “There is no place for rotten boroughs and I’m pleased that since commissioners were sent into Tower Hamlets council, significant changes have been made.

“Thanks to new checks in place, I’m satisfied that we can start a phased return of powers over grant-making and procurement to locally-elected councillors.

“This is a positive step – but one that is being overseen by commissioners and I will halt the process if there are any concerns.”