Further plastic pledge for Cambridge City Council

Cambridge City Council has signed up to the Cambridge Plastic Pledge which encourages every organisation in the city to reduce the amount of single-use plastic they use.

The pledge looks to raise awareness around the amount of plastic we use and the impacts this has on the environment, encouraging organisations in Cambridge to commit to one lasting change this year to reduce the amount of plastic they consume by either changing how they do something, or using an alternative to plastic.

Changes already made by the council to reduce plastic consumption include supporting the national Refill campaign, promoting more than 100 free drinking water taps and fountains in Cambridge, replacing single-use cups with re-usable cups or glasses in office buildings and community centres, and reducing plastic usage at major events in the region.

Rosy Moore, executive councillor for Climate Change, Environmental Services and City Centre, said: “We are in a climate and biodiversity emergency, and it is important that we all look at what we can do to help ease the strain on our planet. The Cambridge Plastic Pledge is about encouraging local businesses and organisations to be self-aware about their environmental impact and be pro-active in making a meaningful step to reduce it. I urge Cambridge business and organisations to sign up to the pledge and help make a difference.

“The greatest environmental benefit comes from reducing the consumption of our resources, however if this is not possible then seeking reusable options is the next best thing. It is important to ensure that as much as possible of the plastic you do use is recycled in your blue bins.”