22 per cent of UK senior IT professionals unaware of CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

A Version One survey shows that 22 per cent of UK senior IT professionals across the UK public and private sectors are unaware of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

28 per cent of respondents state that they are aware of the scheme and have investigated whether their organisation qualifies or not and while 42 per cent state that they are aware of the CRC Scheme but are unsure whether their organisation qualifies.

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a UK regulatory requirement which came into effect in April 2010 and encompasses the monitoring, measurement and reporting of carbon emissions as well as the buying and selling of carbon emission allowances.

Qualification for the CRC is based solely on electricity consumption, but once in the scheme, companies need to measure and report on emissions from electricity, gas and static fuel consumption.

Companies that do qualify have until 30 September 2010 to register with The Environment Agency, however due to the Agency needing to run pre-registration checks on businesses’ senior directors, qualifying organisations need to approach The Environment Agency at the beginning of September if they are to register in time.

Any qualifying organisation that misses the deadline faces an initial £5,000 fine and a daily charge of £500 until registered, up to a maximum of £45,000.

Julian Buck, Managing Director of Version One, said: "With qualifying organisations requiring suitable software systems to enable them to monitor, measure, report on and reduce their carbon emissions, it’s vital for IT Directors to be fully aware of the CRC, its requirements and its IT implications."

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