Enfield Council adopts AI to deliver services

Enfield council has enrolled IPsoft’s technology platform, Amelia, to improve local service delivery, including bettering ease of application completion and simplifying internal processes.

Rob Leak, the council’s chief executive commented: “This is a very exciting opportunity to deliver better services to residents, without increasing costs.”

Amelia has been deigned to analyse natural language, understand context, apply logic, learn, resolve problems and sense emotions.

Frank Lansink, CEO EU at IPsoft, said: “Public organisations around the world, and particularly in the UK, are under considerable pressure to deliver more with less. The consumer digital revolution has opened up interesting new service delivery routes for public bodies, but has also placed high expectations on them, as citizens desire a seamless digital customer experience.

He added: “With the rise of powerful cognitive platforms such as Amelia, government organisations have an opportunity to completely reimagine how frontline public services are delivered.Organisations can not only unlock significant cost efficiencies as routine, high-volume tasks are automated, but, more excitingly, can unlock the full creative potential of their people.

James Rolfe, Enfield Council’s director of finance, resources & customer services said: “Our approach to transformation embraces digital technology to find completely new ways of supporting residents, which, in turn, frees up valuable resources for reinvestment in front line services.

“Deploying IPsoft’s world-leading artificial intelligence is another major milestone in this journey.”