200 councils join PSAA

More than 200 authorities have opted to join the Local Government Association’s (LGA’s) Public Sector Audit Appointments Ltd (PSAA), set up to manage council auditing contracts.

The LGA launched the PSAA after the closure of the Audit Commission in 2015.

The LGA has said that while councils will be free to negotiate their own contracts from April 2018, the PSAA scheme will provide a more cost effective option than each authority separately procuring their own external auditor.

Steve Frees, PSAA chairman, said: “Opting into the national scheme will avoid the need for authorities to expend time and resources on local appointments.

“It will avoid the need for hundreds of separate procurement exercises and will save time and costs which would otherwise be required to establish an Independent Auditor Panel.

“This will deliver significant financial benefits to those who opt in.”

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