Neglected urban spaces to be transformed into ‘pocket parks’

Communities Secretary Greg Clark has announced that over 80 spaces of neglected urban area across the UK will be transformed into green ‘pocket parks’.

The move is a result of a £1.5 million dedicated fund, which will aim to create a ‘green oasis’ available for everyone to enjoy. The Department of Communities and Local Government has maintained that increasing the availability of green spaces will draw more people outside, allowing residents without gardens more space to relax, grow food and provide a safe space for their children to play.

87 community groups from Newcastle to Penryn to Cornwall will be able to design and create their own ‘dream’ pocket parks, developing small parcels of land. Pocket parks are defined as a piece of land no bigger than 0.4 hectares, some as small as the size of a tennis court.

Clark said: “Parks and green spaces breathe life into our bustling towns and cities providing communities with precious spaces to get together, exercise and play.

“Our funding will benefit urban areas with few green spaces, delivering on the government’s manifesto commitment to deliver pocket parks across our country.

“These winning bids all have a strong community focus at the core of their plans and their designers have thought up highly creative ideas to turn unloved urban spaces into the green lungs of their communities that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Each community group has been allocated grants of up to £15,000 to develop their pocket park.