Building of at least 800 homes to be accelerated.

Ian Watmore to ensure a coordinated approach to tackling waste and improving accountability across all government departments.

Lord Brown of Madingley to take on new role.

New development to play a vital role in securing the UK’s future energy supplies.

Insulating homes could save money, protect warmth of the home and reduce carbon emissions.

Village features include 209 homes and neighbourhood shops.

Plans include £2.5 million investment in cycling infrastructure and £300,000 on child cycle training.

Law firm awarded at Capital Intl Magazine’s Global awards.

Average family to be £35 better off.

£10,100 Capital Gains Tax exempt amount remains the same.

Benefits to be restricted to parents with combined income of over £40,000 a year.

Those earning less than £21,000 given a payrise of £250 in both these years.