Bus service cuts isolating passengers, LGA warns

The Local Government Association (LGA) has raised concerns over cuts to bus services, highlighting the reduction could isolate families in rural areas.

Research by the LGA has shown that subsidised bus services in London have decreased by more than 12 per cent over the course of 2016, which it says is a result of government cuts to local budgets.

Data shows that there were three times as many bus journeys taken than on trains.

LGA transport spokesman Martin Tett said the figures show ‘just how much pressure many local bus services are under’.

Test said: “Years of underfunding of the scheme has forced councils to spend millions of pounds of taxpayers' money to subsidise the scheme. This is now impossible with councils having to make savings while struggling to protect vital services like adult social care, protecting children, filling potholes and collecting bins."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Department for Transport, said: “While decisions on funding for local bus routes are a matter for local authorities, we provide around £250 million to support services every year, serving local communities up and down the country.

"Our Bus Services Bill will give councils powers to work in partnership with local transport companies to improve the service passengers can expect and boost bus use."