Competition to find Wales' official 2011 Climate Change Champions

A competition is being launched in Wales to find a group of 14 to 18 year olds to become Climate Change Champions for 2011.

The successful champions will be tasked with spreading the message about the likely effects of climate change and with showing people in their own communities and across Wales how they can play their part in helping Wales to reduce its carbon footprint.

The 2011 Champions will work together on a group project aimed at spreading Wales’ key climate change messages.

The Champions will also need to develop a high profile in their local community by attending key local events and working with the local media and will be supported through the process by the Welsh Assembly Government.

The competition will close on Friday 19 November.

Education Minister Jane Davidson said: "Our ambition is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that Wales emits by per cent every year – but we can’t do it alone. We know that engaging young people is key to our success in this area, not only because of their passion and enthusiasm but also because it is they who will have to deal with the impacts of a changing climate."

"That is why we are looking to find an informed, inspiring and persuasive group of young people who can convince their families, friends, neighbours and school mates of the benefits of living more sustainable lives."

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