£2 million affordable housing in Manchester

A new Housing Affordability Fund, released by Manchester City Council, will help to build 2,500 more affordable homes in the next five years.

The funding will be invested by the council to help deliver as much affordable housing as possible as a key part of the 2,500-plus homes being built every year to help meet the city's housing demand.

Additionally, the council has earmarked four initial Housing Affordability Zones, in North Manchester, Clayton, Beswick and Wythenshawe town centre, which can be used to help stimulate affordable housing. All four zones are areas where the council owns a significant amount of land and can help deliver affordable housing most efficiently.

Bernard Priest, deputy leader of the council, said: “Manchester is a sought-after place to live and meeting the demand for all types of housing is essential. A key part of this is ensuring a choice of decent homes at prices which Manchester people at or below the average city wage can afford. We know this is a real concern for Mancunians. Our fund is an innovative response to this challenge and the proposed housing affordability zones will give us an opportunity to help create momentum.”