Colchester Council to bring in bod-cams following assault accusations

Colchester Council has announced it is rolling out the use of body cameras for members of staff who deal with the public, after a council employee was accused of assaulting a homeless man.

Zone wardens and Castle Park rangers are set to be equipped with body cameras this February following training and approval by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The move comes after a member of the authority’s staff was accused of ‘kicking’ a homeless person last December. However, an internal investigation by the council found no evidence of anyone being mistreated.

The use of the body CCTV cameras will mean evidence will be readily available to the police in the event of any incident, with the total cost of the software estimated at £7,800.

A spokesperson for the council commented: “The use of these cameras will help to ensure that, wherever possible, video and audio evidence is available to police and the courts in the event of any zone warden or park ranger being subject to incidents of physical or verbal abuse, threats or aggressive behaviour.”