First Levelling Up Partnerships for Scotland

Dundee has been announced as the first place in Scotland to benefit from a Levelling Up Partnership.

Dundee will be the focal point of a £20 million Levelling Up Partnership which is designed to root out inequalities by attracting investment and increasing opportunities for local people.

There are plans to build a new Dundee and Angus College campus to boost skills.

The investment aims to help tackle barriers to growth and turbo-charge regeneration, and the UK Government will be working hand-in-hand with local leaders to ensure this makes a major difference to people’s lives.

Levelling Up Partnerships were first announced in the 2023 Spring Budget. They are bespoke regeneration programmes that are targeted to areas that have previously been ignored.

Hull and Mansfield have previously been announced as beneficiaries in England.

Levelling up minister Jacob Young, said: “It’s fantastic to announce our tailored regeneration programme has been rolled out in Scotland for the first time, beginning by transforming the lives of people right across Dundee.

“This Levelling Up Partnership will allow us to tackle the historical issues faced by this city head-on, ensuring overlooked communities get what they need to fully reach their potential.”

The Levelling Up Partnership for Dundee includes: £3m towards the creation of new Grade A office development on the Waterfront; £2.5m for grassroots projects focused on enhancing opportunities for young people; more than £2m to improve access to housing and boost regeneration in the city centre, including by refurbishing vacant properties, and reviewing the condition of the local private rented sector.

There is also £2m to develop a specialist centre for protein science in the Life Sciences Innovation District; £1.2m to develop a bespoke permanent home for the Dundee Museum of Transport; £1.1m to establish a legal tech education centre and workspace; and £500,000 to complete a 26-mile active travel route around the city, connecting neighbourhoods on the outskirts with each other and the centre.

Minister for Scotland John Lamont said: “Our Levelling Up Partnership with Dundee - backed by £20 million UK Government investment - is a real game changer for driving regeneration in the city and boosting opportunities.

“Collaborative working between the UK and Scottish Governments and local leaders means the lives of people living in, working in and visiting Dundee will be transformed with exciting initiatives such as new educational centres specialising in digital, green skills, health, social care and life sciences; improved access to housing; better transport connectivity; improved city streets; tackling anti-social behaviour and substance abuse and attracting business to the area.

“I look forward to seeing Dundee and the three other areas in Scotland that have each been allocated £20 million for Levelling Up Partnerships - the Scottish Borders, Argyll and Bute, and Na h-Eileanan Siar -  benefiting from the fruits of this funding.”

Dundee City Council leader Cllr John Alexander said: “As a city, we’ve been working extensively in the background to attract and deliver investment, public and private, and to create jobs and economic growth.

“With Dundee already featuring in positive ratings, such as a top 20 UK destination for foreign direct investment (FDI), a top city break destination and attracting world-renowned opportunities such as the Eden project, the future is bright.

“We welcome the £20 million of investment through the Levelling Up Partnership, which will strengthen the efforts by all local partners to transform Dundee and the lives of people across our city.

“Although Dundee’s challenges are well known, I believe that the opportunities that exist for the future significantly exceed these.  

“Organisations in Dundee are working together to create the conditions that will enable growth and prosperity in the years ahead.

“There is a realisation that we cannot do this alone, and that is why we have been in discussions with both the UK and Scottish Governments for strategic investment to drive Dundee’s economy forward.”

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