Largest ever funding increase for drug treatment

The government's ten year Drug Strategy aims to tackle drugs and prevent crime, backed by the largest ever increase in funding for drug treatment.

The funding will go towards improving access to treatment and increasing the capacity of services, helping to reverse the upward trend in drug use and level up by tackling this major driver of crime, which disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable and poorest communities.

The strategy is backed by a new investment of almost £780 million for treatment - the largest ever increase - bringing total spending on drug enforcement and treatment to more than £3 billion over the next three years.

A world-leading treatment system will be developed for those dependent on drugs and support them to kick their addictions, prioritising areas with the greatest need.

As such, all local authorities will receive new money for treatment and recovery over the next three years, with the 50 local authorities in greatest need receiving this first to ensure that better access to treatment is fast tracked for the poorest and most vulnerable.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid said: “This is a huge moment which will not only save lives but help level up the country. We’re investing a record amount into treatment services with money to break the cycle of drug use and to support communities by cutting the drug use which drives crime. Treatment services are just one part of the comprehensive strategy which includes helping people back to work, into permanent housing, and cracking down on supply.”

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