Peterborough City Council's energy challenges wins national environment award

Peterborough City Council's Energy Challenges has won a national environmental award.

The Council's climate change team has been named in the top of the Green Apple Award's environmental best practice category.

Each challenge in the Peterborough Energy Challenges involves 60 people and requires them to record their energy usage based on figures obtained from an energy monitor over a three-week period, with the aim is to help residents understand their energy consumption and identify areas where they can make changes.

Two challenges have been run so far of a community energy challenge which involved 60 households in Werrington, and an employee energy challenge which included 60 individuals from 16 organisations.

The Green Organisation, who run the Green Apple Awards,  recognise and reward environmental best practice.

The climate change team also won a Green Apple Award last year after designing an innovative climate change board game which is available to city schools.

Councillor Samantha Dalton, the city council's cabinet member for environment capital, said: "The energy challenges are a great opportunity for the council to translate a global issue like climate change into something that can be tackled at a local level.

"By focusing on this issue in a fun, educational and competitive way, the challenges allow us to raise awareness of energy use and efficiency in a way that directly benefits residents by cutting their energy bills, whilst also helping build on the city's growing reputation as the UK's environment capital."

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