Councils must support younger social workers, research says

A new study conducted by Comensura’s Social Care Index has found that a greater demand for trained social care workers over 35 could result in a shortage of experienced younger care workers when their older colleagues retire. 

It counsels an increasing demand for older qualified social care workers is creating a ‘talent time bomb’. 

The research calls on local authorities to provide more assignments to younger temporary staff so they can gain the experience they need. 

The Index outlined figures which show a 9.3 per cent increase in the recruitment of social care workers between 45 and 54. In contrast, the hiring of younger staff aged 16-24 decreased by more than a fifth. 

Jamie Horton, managing director of Comensura, said: “There is high demand for qualified temporary social workers and local authorities must do more to offer assignments to those with less experience or who have just entered the profession.

“This should equip them in the long-term with the skills that they require to be an effective social worker.”