Communities encouraged to become more energy self sufficient

Communities have been encouraged to grab new opportunities to become more energy self sufficient.

Plans were described including communities installing their own low carbon energy, like combined heat and power plants, wind and water turbines or district heating networks, as epitomising the vision of the Big Society.

A new website, Community Energy Online, was also developed to help communities find out more about how to generate their own energy and has been developed together with community networks, the Local Government Group and industry bodies.

It is designed to give communities access to information from different independent sources on generating low carbon heat and power. The website will link together partner websites to create a one stop shop for communities interested in generating energy on a community scale.

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker said: "With the right combination of incentives and freedoms, community groups, businesses and organisations can get together to build a cleaner, greener future."

"They can generate their own heat and electricity, and their own profits, and as a by-product, help the UK to save energy and help to cut carbon emissions."

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