Cuts to red tape mark ‘Freedom Day’ for UK businesses

The changes mean business improvement districts will only need a single ballot for the entire area, even if it crosses with another local authorities’ boundaries.

Local growth minister, Mark Prisk, said: ‘This government is setting business free from red tape to the tune of over £212m a year so local traders can generate the kind of enterprise that is vital to our economic growth.

‘Local communities and local businesses know what works best in their area. We know business improvement districts enable local businesses to realise their potential by successfully raising money to re-energise their high street and cutting unnecessary burdens on them will help more communities get started.’

There are currently over 150 business improvement districts across the UK.

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It is no mystery that there is a huge task at hand to solve the growing problems of waste, inefficient resources, and the disposal of hazardous materials as our communities develop.

You are invited to this unique annual exhibition that brings together all the disciplines from the emergency services sector who are involved in prevention, response and recovery.