Monmouthshire Council to pay £100k towards Welsh festival

Monmouthshire Council will pay £100,000 towards hosting the National Eisteddfod festival, after a fundraising campaign failed to reach its target.

Organisers of the Welsh language festival were aiming to raise £300,000 but fell short of their target.

However, the council has maintained that its contribution to the event was an ‘investment well made’.

In an interview with BBC Wales, Peter Fox leader of the council, said: "We always realised there would be challenges in reaching the £300,000 target.

"This doesn't represent a great concern to us because this is a huge investment not only in celebrating Welsh language and culture but also Monmouthshire."

The news comes as estimated figures show as mush as £6 million will be spent in the local economy during the festival week.

Elfed Roberts, Eisteddfod chief executive, said: "We knew the target was fairly ambitious but the local working group has worked very hard. They have raised nearly £200,000 by organising numerous bilingual events.

"The council has supported us in many ways and sees the event as an investment in the county."