Government Business 29.05

Government Business 29.05

Lots to do for the new government

A lot has changed in government over the last month - a new prime minister, new cabinet and a new monarch following the sad death of Her Majesty The Queen.

Many of the new appointees to government are at least the third to hold the position this year alone. In the last ten years, the UK has seen five different home secretaries, seven individual foreign secretaries and six separate chancellors, with the last three prime ministers all resigning before the end of their term.

There is no denying that this newly formed government has a lot to deal with urgently and over the coming months with the cost-of-living crisis, a still-ongoing NHS backlog and an energy crisis, as well as climate concerns following a record-breaking summer.

This issue looks at some of the areas they will have to tackle, including saving money on the government estate and reducing energy use in the public sector. We also cover fire safety and asbestos removal, along with a look at the return to large conferences and events.

Finally, this issue covers technology, with an analysis of the government’s latest digital strategy, and a look at Google Public Sector in the US, as well as sharing some information on procuring EV charging infrastructure.

Polly Jones, editor

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