Looking after guests at summer events

Summer is well and truly here, but there are still several weeks left if you want to plan any last-minute events

Summer is a great time to host events, people are in the mood to socialise and get out of the office and the weather offers to opportunity to get out into the fresh air. The evenings are also longer, meaning people are willing to stay out later after work for events.
Let’s look at the most important factor to consider when planning a summer event – the weather. This is the best reason to have an event in the summer. Hosting an event outside is a sure way for people to enjoy it – fresh air, sunshine, nice views all go down well. There are lots of event venues that can host outside; country homes, vineyards, rooftop bars, racecourses and more.

However, the weather can also be our biggest foe at this time of year. When you’re planning your event in advance, while hoping for the best, you can never know what the weather will be on the day. Alas, in the UK, even if you’re planning the day before, you can’t be sure. There are two things to watch out for. Number 1, obviously the rain. This is why it’s important to have a Plan B. If you are hosting outside, make sure you have an inside or at least under cover option, big enough to house all your guests comfortably.
When picking a venue, also consider the ground it will be held on. High footfall, on a wet day, in a grassy area is going to create mud and people won’t enjoy it.

The other potential problem is the sun. Being outside in the sun all day, is dangerous and can pose the risk of sun burn, heat exhaustion or sun stroke. So again, this is another reason to provide cover (shade) or an inside area for people to stay out of the sun and cool off. It would be great to have air conditioning as well and somewhere to sit down.

With the heat, it is also important to provide enough refreshments for your guests – especially water.

Think about how people will travel to your event. One aspect to consider here is avoiding the tube in rush hour, which can get extremely unpleasant, with people often falling ill from the heat. You should also try to avoid people having to walk a long way. Maybe you could consider providing buses from major transport hubs.
Summer events can be great and people will often remember them for the venues that can host outside. However, it is also important to make sure your guests are well looked after in the event of any unwanted weather events, whether that be rain or extreme heat. These are easy things to prepare for and if you get it right, your guests are sure to have a great time.

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