New workplace wearable prevents health and safety risks

Reactec has over 20 years of experience helping employers to prevent hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) using a powerful combination of workplace wearable devices and cloud-based analytics.

Building upon our HAVS prevention expertise, Reactec has developed R-Link®, a new generation of smart watch which is designed to provide a data driven insight into a range of workplace health and safety risks.

R-Link is the successor to Reactec’s industry-leading HAVWEAR wearable device, which is trusted by over 100,000 workers in the UK alone. R-Link is designed to help organisations monitor their workers’ exposure to vibration more closely and more reliably than ever before.

The smart watch has been designed to specifically withstand robust operating environments, while providing the wearer with an intuitive user-experience, similar to their own smartphone.

By empowering employers in the public sector with real-time data insight about exposure to hand-arm vibration, R-Link helps organisations and teams to take more control of their workplace health and safety compliance risks.
The R-link smart watch monitors a workers’ daily exposure to HAV and can be used as part of an employer’s compliance efforts. Combining the R-Link smart watch with Reactec’s cloud-based analytics software can easily and efficiently provide the necessary information that a company needs to carry out an HSE compliant risk assessment and monitor the effectiveness of their HAVS controls.

Reactec are dedicated towards advancing connected wearable technology with real-time data analytics to transform workplace risk mitigation into prevention.

Reactec have expanded the utility of the R-Link smart watch to protect employees from more common workplace health and safety risks on a single smart watch.

In addition to HAV monitoring, Reactec developed R-Link with the latest ultrawide band (UWB) technology to detect dangerous proximity to moving vehicles or active machinery. R-Link alerts the wearer when they are too close to operating hazards in real-time, while the data collected on near-misses in the Reactec Analytics software, enables employers to develop trends, identify site hotspots and refine controls.

An eco-system of Reactec beacons allows data to be shared securely between the R-Link smart watch and cloud-based analytics software to provide an actionable data insight for employers to make evidence-based decisions that protect their workforce.

Reactec will release remote firmware upgrades for the R-Link smart watch to offer the wearer even more protection from workplace health risks in the near future, including an ability to ingest risk data from other IoT enabled sensors such as noise and dust.
With access to connected wearable technology that’s not only easy-to-use, but affordable and quick to implement, employers can begin to reframe their efforts, and evolve their approach from simply avoiding any penalties or problems associated with non-compliance, to something that more closely resembles an approach to workplace health and safety that focuses on people, predictability, and sustainability.

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