Businesses, households, communities and local authorities in England asked to contribute their views.

Technical Advice Note 6 – Planning for Sustainable Rural Communities to also increase affordable housing.

Largest contribution to the growth was business services and finance.

Energy Efficiency Code outlines ideas of working together to cut carbon by ten per cent by May 2011.

Combination of green technologies to lower lighting, heating and water bills.

London Community Resource Network aims to divert 17,000 tonnes of reuseable household products from landfill over the first two years.

Fund for areas particularly at risk of public spending cuts.

Agreement will see steel structures for the offshore wind industry developed and marketed.

£136,000 savings made from carbon reduction projects and energy efficiency measures.

Figures measure use of powering and heating buildings including schools and libraries.

Spending Challenge website allows public to submit ideas during July and August.

Campus facilities to help Crown Office and law enforcement agencies to deliver justice for Scottish communities.