Nearly 90,000 bags of rubbish have been collected so far.

'Rethink' focuses on a family and what happens to their everyday household items.

Challenges involve 60 people and requires them to record their energy usage.

Improvements in key areas including air quality and recycling rates.

Achievements include a 5.4 per cent reduction in the Council's carbon dioxide emissions since 2006/07.

Welsh Assembly Government grant to allow councils to invest in infrastructure needed to deal with difficult items such as carpets.

Around £2 million funding for the two-bedroom homes.

Improvements to include commercial property upgrades and heritage works.

Money will allow Scottish communities to improve their natural environment.

Trust is working towards silver award for environmental achievements.

Report recommends rolling the scheme out to 741 more flats.

Aim to make homes more energy efficient whilst stimulating the green job market.